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One professor asked a question to his students “Give me number one reason for business failures.” All students given different answers like Bad management, poor products, bad promotion activities, Lack of capital etc., professor listened to all students answers and finally, he gave one answer for that, Many peoples are failed because of “Lack of Sales“.  that’s it.

In most of the selling products/ environment, If you didn’t get an appointment for the first time to meet a new customer for explaining your products/services it is very critical to get new sales. At least 1 time you need to meet customer then the only customer knows that X company providing this support. Is it correct..? Yes,  Obviously.

To become a successful salesperson, You must develop a good base of prospects (Clients) to generate good sales. Forgetting a good database of prospect cold calling plays the important role and economical way to get appointments with them.

Whatever you are going to sell a product or giving services to prospect, already they are getting from someone then how can I capture that sale.? The solution for that you must fight with your number one biggest competitor.

Fight with Competitor:

First Ask yourself who is your number one competitor in the market..? Your mind tells that X, Y, Z  companies.  you are obviously wrong.  Think one more time. We are our own competitor, my energy level is my competitor, No you are again wrong.

At present your biggest competitor is the “Status Quo“.  Status quo is what peoples are thinking right now or What they are thinking in their mind.  If you are understanding that you are going to be successful. Remember one thing, Potential customers are happy with what they are getting, otherwise, they would be calling you.

Use one formula ” Capture a client pain and gain a sales from client”.

In every business in the world,  client facing some problem/pain from suppliers. Our biggest task in front of us for generating new sales is what type of pains client is facing…, First, you should capture that pain then convert prospect pain to your gain. Finally, both are happy.  Then you will get one doubt. Mr. Mohan this Pain and Gain formula is okay. But how can I know prospect status quo….?

How can I know Clients Status Quo…?

It is a very interesting thing. Shall I explain with practical day to day life example.? Suppose one beggar simply put out his hand in front of Park. Do you think anybody would put money in his hand.? maybe one or two peoples would put money. If he held out a cup, Then he will get some more money, If he adds a cup and with the sound of please help me. Obviously, he will get more money. This story illustrates the importance of making more opportunity.

As a salesperson, if you want to catch more clients you must knock more and more doors. it’s not enough to just talk to people on the phone and see people.  You have to use proper tools.

Thanks for your valuable time for reading this blog, in the upcoming blog, I will share more details

In this world only one way to success in your Business Digital Marketing.

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