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Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the website for Search engine. Based on this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will get top position in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., Once you will get a good position in search engines automatically you will get good leads and sales. In Search Engine Optimization 2 techniques are very important and it plays very important role in SEO Process.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO or On Page Optimization is nothing but as per search engine rules and regulation we should optimize our websites. In on page SEO, we need to optimize the Domain name,  Speed of the website,  URL optimization, Title tag optimization, Meta Description,  Content optimization, Image Optimization, Heading optimization etc., If we optimize these automatically somewhat you will get a good position in Search Engines. All web page elements you can control in order to make it visible to search engines.

If you want to get a very good position in Search Engines, on page optimization is not enough for getting the good position we need to do Off Page SEO or Off page Optimization.


Off page SEO or Off Page Optimization is a process of building back links to our website is called as Off page SEO or Off Page Optimization. It gives back end support to your website to get good position in search engines. Off page, SEO is vital for getting good traffic to your website. It plays a crucial role to get the good ranking from search engine to your website.

If you do proper off page SEO for your website you will get good rank in search engines results. and you will get better Page Rank also. Page rank is one of the factors in search engine algorithms.

“In a simple way On Page SEO doing front end work for website and Off page SEO doing back end work for website”


In Off Page SEO,  Backlinks plays very important role,   A backlinks are one of the regular usage words in the world of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to get good value to your website. Indirectly it depends on No. of good back links.

Backlink building is the most powerful and effective in off page SEO. If you build external links to your web page you are trying to gather more references with this reference easily you can get more leads. Then easily you can bypass your competitor and you will get good rank in search engines.

“In Simple way, if web page/website links to any other sites/page is called a Backlinks” 

Types of Backlinks:

There are three types of backlinks are there

One way Backlinks: It is a most powerful and valuable type of Backlinks. In Simple way suppose you joined in X Institute and successfully you completed your course after finishing your course you referred your friend to join that X Institute. Just you referred your friend.


In the same way, good websites give backlinks to your website. You must remember to try to get backlinks from Good Page Rank(5+) Website or Good PA or DA (25%+).

Two-way Backlinks: In a simple way With the same example suppose you joined one X Institute and successfully you completed your course after finishing your course you referred your friend or others to join that X Institute. But based on no. references you will get some percentage of Commissions from X Institute. This type of Backlinks harm for your website.

Three-way Backlinks: Three-way backlinks is nothing but “A Company” gives backlinks to “B company” and “B company” gives backlink to “C Company” and “C company” gives backlinks to “A Company”. It is like chain process. This type of backlinks also not good for your websites.


Above 3 backlinks in a chain, the process is called as multi backlinks.

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