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In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), on page optimization plays a very important role. If you want to get a good position in Search Engine we must do some on page Optimization activity like URL Optimization, Title tag Optimization, Meta description optimization, and We need to learn very powerful and important on-page optimization like Content optimization, Heading Optimization, image optimization, link optimization etc.,

Content Optimization:

Content optimization plays a very important role in on page optimization as well as in Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you wish to write one content about one product or one website or One Blog. If you want to get good Position in search Engine you should check your content is it optimized or not. If you are ready to optimize your content you should follow some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  rules and regulations for content optimization then only you will get a good position in Search Engine (SE).

  • Your content must be Unique. Otherwise, it will be affected by google panda update.
  • Your content must be minimum 300 words otherwise it will be considered as a Thin content.

Keyword Frequency/Density:

Keyword Frequency is nothing but a number of times given keyword is repeated on the page. If you used properly and repeatedly the given keywords with attractive sentences automatically you will get a good position in Search Engines.

Keyword Density is nothing but the percentage (%) of the keywords in the content.  The density of the page between 1% to 4% is Good for Search Engine Ranking.

Tool for Keyword Frequency/Density:

By using this tool you can check how many times we used keywords on one page. What is the density of a keyword.

Heading Optimization:

For writing content, we have different time of Headings Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6. Heading optimization also one of the important parts in On Page Optimization.

  • Always try to use keywords in Headings. That also gives good result in search engine.
  • Every page must have at least one Heading 1 tag.
  • You can use multiple Heading 2 tag and heading 3 tags on the page.

Image Optimization:

Image optimization also one of the parts in On Page Optimization.  If you want to good position in search Engine we must follow small optimization technique also.

  • Try to use at least one image in a page.
  • Use the name of the image with Keywords.
  • Try to use ALT Attribute with the keyword.

Internal Links:

Internal Links improve the quality of the page. It is helpful to on page optimization in Search Engine Optimization Process.

Internal links mean you are going to give reference to your other page on the same website. It is also very useful in content optimization.

If we done above mentioned all Search Engine Optimization techniques like URL Optimization, Title tag optimization, Meta tag Optimization, Content optimization properly really you will get a very good position in the  Search Engine.

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