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What is the XML sitemap? why should I use XML sitemap for my website? how it will be useful to Search Engine ranking.? How to create XML  sitemap? etc., with these questions are you confusing,

Then you are in right place to learn this concept. Don’t worry friends I will explain in a simple manner. After 5 min you will get some idea about all your questions related to sitemaps. Are you ready…? Yes, good.

Suppose you received one interview call from one X company in the big city. You reached that address in that place one big building is there nearly 20 floors.  But you don’t know in which floor X Company is there. But nearly no one is not there to guide you. So you need to check each and every floor after a long time finally you will reach X Company. It is very difficult for new persons is it right…? Yes absolutely.

If someone prepared one building sitemap means in which floor which companies are there with Number. Then easily and directly you can reach your X Company. Is it true or not.? Absolutely it is true. It is very helpful to new persons also.

In this way,  Suppose in your website nearly 100+ pages are there. It is difficult to search engine to crawl the each and every page one by one.  It will take the time to crawl your website. If we have given sitemap to Search Engine then crawler will happy because you reduced their work.

Then this sitemap is helpful to search engine indirectly you are helping to User also. Automatically you will get a good position in Search Engine. These are small things in your point of view If you want to get a good position in Search Engine doesn’t neglect even small technique also.

In Simple way Sitemap is nothing but it is a just a map for your website. In the single page you show all your website links and sections etc., Sitemap makes a navigate your website easier. This sitemap on your website is good for your valuable user and Search Engine.

A sitemap is a very important way of communication with Search Engines. With your sitemap, you can give navigation to your search engine.

A sitemap is not only for navigation purpose. If any changes happened in your website immediately it will communicate with Search Engine. These things are very helpful to get a good position in search engine.

Okay, you cleared all sitemap basic details. Then how to enable XML sitemap in WordPress.

Enable XML Sitemap in WordPress:

If you are using WordPress technology for your website design, In simple plugins, we can enable XML Sitemap.

XML: eXtensible Markup Language.

Steps to Enable XML Sitemap in WordPress:

  1. Log in your WordPress website. After login, you will get ‘Dash Board” on the left-hand side.  Then in menu Click ‘SEO‘.
  2. In SEO option  Click on “XML Sitemap”.
  3. Enable the Sitemap Functionality.


  1. After enabling, the screen automatically expands with additional options for the sitemaps.
  2. View your new XML sitemap by clicking the ‘XML Sitemap’ button.

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